Soul & Funk Trading Cards

September 16, 2008


I designed these trading cards as a self promotional piece some time ago. The full set consists of 48 cards celebrating some of my favourite Soul and R&B artists from the 50s & 60s. I hope to make these available commercially at some point, but for now this is a quick taster.


4 Responses to “Soul & Funk Trading Cards”

  1. paddy Says:

    These are gorgeous Niall. Came across your site on Creative Ireland. Love all the U:mack posters. Have been admiring them from a distance for a while now!

  2. dfallon Says:

    Stumbled across this when a friend linked me to your site, I’d love to get my hands on these if you ever make them available commercially, The Contours and all! Fantastic.

  3. Jason Thornton Says:

    I want to buy a set of these! Email me: Great stuff!

  4. paper doll Says:

    What I love about the cards, besides the fact they are great, is the look reminds me some what of the live show posters for these stars back in the day. Nice

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