Hitone: Vintage Irish Book Covers features book and booklet cover designs from the Irish state’s first 50 years. The blog is updated and maintained by Niall McCormack, a graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland.

All covers posted are the copyright of their respective designers/publishers.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi –
    Aideen of i like local recommended your blog! I featured it as part of my spotlight on Irish blogs. Great blog!

  2. El Tarangu Says:

    Not sure if you’ve seen this, there was an article about it in the Irish Times a few years ago:


    Exhibition of An Gúm bookcovers from the ’20s. Enjoy!

    El T

  3. Irene Uhlemann Says:

    My sister informed me about this website. Karl Uhlemann was my father’s brother. I’m an artist too so it’s in the genes I guess!! It’s great to see his work. He also did illustrations for school books and designed a number of Irish stamps.
    Great to see his work and to see the interest in his work.

  4. […] Interested in a little more Irish history? History buffs, culture wonks, and design and type aficionados will enjoy the scenery at Vintage Irish Book Covers, a site curated by Dublin-based graphic designer Niall McCormack. […]

  5. Brian O'Sullivan Says:

    My grandfather worked at the three candles his whole life!
    Patrick Dolan , he had a son and daughter by first marriage, paddy and Mary philomena!
    Phyllis is my mother and I’m trying to find any old pictures of him !! She only has two!
    If there are any from the three candles could someone email them to me or post them to my Facebook account , I am from Dublin but live in Ventura California , USA now, otherwise I would go down there myself!! He was an artist also with fixing lettering and such, he did something with the book of jells, fixed a page or something! Any help would be appreciated !
    Brian O’Sullivan

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