Riverrun Covers II

October 26, 2009


Riverrun 1 – The Flying Swans – Padraic Colum


Riverrun 13 – The Devil You Know – Jack White


Riverrun 10 – King of the Beggars – Sean O’Faolain

Recently I posted some covers from Allen Figgis’ excellent Riverrun series of paperbacks and wondered if the designs were by William Bolger. I can confirm that they are in fact his work. Above are three more nice examples from the series. The Flying Swans was the first in the series and was published in 1969.

Riverrun Covers

August 2, 2009


Riverrun 5 – The Sunburst and the Dove – Eamon Francis

riverrun-seals-480Riverrun 16 – The Seals – Monk Gibbon


Riverrun 17 – Birds’ Nest Soup – Hanna Greally

Riverrun was an imprint of Allen Figgis and featured some beautiful covers in it’s short run. The above examples are from 1969-1970. The designs are uncredited but I wonder if they are the work of William Bolger who designed the lovely “Bed that went Whoosh!” series for Figgis in the sixties?

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